SHYad.NET is an online collaborative platform by young African adults and for young adults in African. The network seeks to assess whether social media platforms could be used as an alternative communication channel to help young adults make better and informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health. The network is currently led by Emmanuel Olamijuwon a PhD student in Demography and Population Studies at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa. The goal of this network is to provide a resource where young African adults can interact with one another in order to contribute to improvements in their sexual and reproductive health knowledge.

By joining this platform, you will take part in a series of online assessments. These assessments will involve questions about your demographic characteristics, attitudes to and knowledge of the various aspects of sexual and reproductive health including condom use, contraceptive use, HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and management. The activity will take place over a span of six months. Each module will take less than 15 minutes of your time. The assessments will be completely confidential and anonymous as I will not be asking for your name or any identifying information - apart from your mobile number and registration username. The information you give to me will also be held securely and not disclosed to anyone else. I will also not use your mobile number or email address for any other purpose apart from this research.


I understand that by participating in this survey you will be using some amount of your internet data. Unfortunately, the budget for this project does not allow me to provide free data to everyone but I could offer 2GB worth of free data to 10 randomly selected participants every week. If you would like to be considered for this free data, please enter your mobile number (with country code) on the last page of the survey. Please do however note, that there are no disadvantages or penalties for not participating in this survey.

You may withdraw at any time, and you may choose to not participate in any module or answer any question that you do not want to. If you experience any distress or discomfort, during any of the assessments, you may please reach out to the administrator. You can also pause the assessment and continue at a later time should you experience any distress. You can always use the Facebook messenger platform to send a quick direct message. You may also contact the project coordinator or the project supervisor Prof. Clifford Odimegwu should you require additional information or queries regarding this network. The findings derived from the assessments will be written up as a report which will be available online via this network and through the WITS university library website. If you wish to receive a summary of this report, I will be happy to send it to you upon request. If you have any queries, concerns or complaints regarding the ethical procedures of this study, you are welcome to contact the WITS University Human Research Ethics Committee (nonmedical)








Our network uses the most interactive strategies to help adolescents and young African adults, make better and informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.


Let's build a SEXUALLY HEALTHY space for YOUNG AFRICAN ADULTS together.